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Permanova Laser Solutions for Automotive In-Line manufacturing

What our Automotive End-Users are Asking for:

- Highest Possible Up-time
- Easy Set-up of New Variants
- Low Total Manufacturing Cost per Part
- Optimized Use of Available Cycle Time
- Small Variation between Parts
- High Quality of the Manufactured Parts

How PERMANOVA Fulfills the Demands:

- Process Optimization
- Process Reliability
- Production Reliability
- Easiness of Job Set-up
- Simple Trouble-shooting


Process Optimization
Process Reliability
Production Reliability
Easiness of Job Set-up
Simple Trouble-shooting,
References In-line
Process Optimization 300
  • Theory, experience and engineer skills brought together
  • In/house or partner lab evaluation for process window qualification
  • Mechanical and metallurgical testing
Process Reliability 300
  • On line verification of part position via seam tracking
  • Cover slide monitoring and built in temperature monitoring of process tools
  • External focus position and power verification
Production Reliability 300
  • Durable cabling and proven automation solutions
  • Joint, part position and trend data verification via ST controller for welding, via CTC for cutting
  • Early warning via handling equipment monitoring
Easieness of job setup 300
  • First path program touch-up easy with Seam Tracking function
  • Cutting Tool Controller CTC enables calibration and corner compensation
  • Seam Tracking Controller STC compensates for position variances
Simple trouble shooting 300
  • Mechanical, electrical and pneumatic interfaces are easy
  • Internal monitoring for trouble shooting, ST, CTC, and FPS simplify calibration
  • Restart procedures well defined and prepared
Customer Application Country
Volvo Car Corp. Roof Welding Nd:YAG Laser Welding Sweden


Pininfarina Sverige Laser Welding/Brazing Robot Station Sweden


Changan Ford Roof Welding System China


Volvo Car Corp. Roof welding Nd:YAG Laser System Sweden

Wilhelm Karmann Roof Welding Laser System Germany

Ford / Comau Variant BIW Hole Cutting System Germany


Volvo Cars Laser-Fiber-Robot Welding System Sweden

AutoNova Laser-robot-fiber Cutting/Welding System Sweden

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