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Laser Beam Utilization

Since the laser source represents a large part of the investment, it is of interest to use the laser beam as much as possible - to hava a high BEAM ON percentage. Permanova always considers this fact when proposing a solution. Below are a few examples

High Laser Beam Utilization for High Volume Throughput

Utilization Volume 573

 Example: High Volume Throlughput - Multiple Robot Cells

  • One Laser
  • One Seam Tracker Controller
  • Two or More Robots
  • Process Tools w. Intelligent Interfaces

Two or more workareas where work is done on similar products. There are some different ways of doing this:

Index table: The index table allows loading & unloading simultaneously with the laser processing, and only uses a relatively short time - a few seconds - for indexing the table. This is a good solution for smaller parts.

Double sided robot cell / Robot on travel axes between two cells: This solution allows loading and unloading also of larger parts, still using only one robot and one laser. The drawback is a switch time that is a few seconds longer.

Multiple robot cells: This enables loading & unloading in one station, as well as securing the safety guards and positioning the robot in start-position, while another station is doing the processing. There is need for one robot with process tool in each station, but much of the control equipment may be shared between stations. If there are many small welds to be preformed on each part, it is also possible to "ping-pong" the laser beam between the stations, one station doing a short weld, while the other stations are repositioning.

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