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Process test & development

We are able to make application development and process verification tests in our robot-laser lab. In the lab, all our standard process tools and calibration tools are represented as well as most of the accessories available. We also have equipment for hybrid processing. We normally have robots suitable for cutting and joining. For special applications, we may use our vast network of partners to perform the right tests.

For special applications, we are able to modify a tool, or design a prototype. This tool may be evaluated in the application lab before finalizing the design for the production tool.


Examples of typical application development projects:
a) Simple test/demo on parts not requiring specific programming or fixturing.
b) Tests using a standard tool requiring more advanced programming and/or special fixtures. Fixtures may be provided by the customer. Costs agreed case by case.
c) Test as b), but requiring specially designed tools. Cost agreed upon case by case.
Contact Information
Tore Salmi
Phone: +46 31 706 1974
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