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Permanova Laser Solutions for Manufacturing of Sheet-Metal & Welded Products

What our Customers are Asking for: 

- Low set-up cost for a new batch of parts
- Short cycle time for each part
- Small variation between parts
- Low total manufacturing cost per part
- High quality of the manufactured parts

How PERMANOVA Fulfills the Demands:

- Process Optimization
- Process Reliability
- Production Reliability
- Easiness of Job Set-up
- Simple Trouble-shooting 


Process Optimization
Process Reliability
Production Reliability
Easiness of Job Set-up
Simple Trouble-shooting,
References Manufact.
Process Optimization 300
  • Theory, experience and engineer skills brought together
  • In/house or partner lab evaluation for process window qualification
  • Mechanical and metallurgical testing
Process Reliability 300
  • On line verification of part position via seam tracking
  • Cover slide monitoring and built in temperature monitoring of process tools
  • External focus position and power verification
Production Reliability 300
  • Durable cabling and proven automation solutions
  • Joint, part position and trend data verification via ST controller for welding, via CTC for cutting
  • Early warning via handling equipment monitoring
Easieness of job setup 300
  • First path program touch-up easy with Seam Tracking function
  • Cutting Tool Controller CTC enables calibration and corner compensation
  • Seam Tracking Controller STC compensates for position variances
Simple trouble shooting 300
  • Mechanical, electrical and pneumatic interfaces are easy
  • Internal monitoring for trouble shooting, ST, CTC, and FPS simplify calibration
  • Restart procedures well defined and prepared
Customer Application Country
Autoflator CO2 Laser Welding Station Sweden


Duroc Mobile Laser Robot Cladding Station Sweden

Innovatum Laser Robot Metal Deposition System Sweden

Volvo Car Body C. Trunk Lid Laser Brazing Station Sweden

Alfa Laval Lund High Volume Heat Exchanger Welding Sweden


ABB Switchgear Laser Welding of Stainless Steel Boxes China


VWN /Fata Side Panel Laser Welding and Brazing Poland


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