Our history – founded in 1985


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Permanova Lasersystem develops, manufactures, and installs robotic laser systems for metalworking in the engineering industry with a view to improving the customer’s productivity, product quality, and profitability.

Our business is based on extensive knowledge of the technology and a good understanding of our customers’ needs.

Permanova’s employees are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible equipment and service. Most of our 20 employees are very experienced after working for several years in the industry, and we have more than 200 delivered projects under our belt. We train our staff on an ongoing basis with the goal of delivering the best possible production equipment.

Permanova invests a considerable share of its turnover in research and development. We develop new process tools that are at the forefront of technology, which we use as a basis for creating new system solutions at an advanced technical level.

We prefer to engage in new development in collaboration with our customers, as this suits both us and our customers extremely well. When our customers come up with new product ideas, we work together to develop production equipment that gives them an advantage in their market. If this means that we need to develop a new solution based on the latest technology, we produce a specification together before getting down to work.

It is of strategic importance to Permanova to participate in national and EU-based research programmes in our field.

We have been supplying laser processing tools and turnkey laser systems for more than thirty years. When we develop a new product or system solution, we always keep in mind that it must meet the production conditions of a car factory in terms of availability and functionality requirements. This, of course, also benefits our other customers.

Laser systems are always developed in project form. The staff at Permanova are used to project-based working. In our experienced project teams, each employee is ready to take responsibility for delivering an advanced laser system with the best possible performance.

In the final phase of our projects, we train our customers in the handling and basic servicing of the equipment. During and after the warranty period, our knowledgeable service staff are on hand to offer servicing and to supply spare parts.

Our primary products:

  • Turnkey systems for industrial lasers, laser processing tools, and robots for welding, laser hybrid welding, surfacing, hardening, and marking
  • Laser servicing and spare parts
  • Laser training, laser safety, consultancy services
  • Feasibility studies, laser process development in our lab featuring a 10 kW laser and robot.