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Our specialist areas for efficient production using lasers

Permanova Lasersystem develops, manufactures, and installs robotic laser systems for metalworking in the engineering industry with a view to improving the customer’s productivity, product quality, and profitability.


Laser welding uses a spot diameter of 0.5mm to ensure the absolute minimum heating of materials. The typical welding speeds for materials of up to a few millimetres in thickness is 6m/min.

Brazing / Soldering

By using a wire additive, very fine joints can be produced that are well suited to visible surfaces. Laser brazing or soldering is primarily used in the automotive industry as joints on visible surfaces can be painted directly.


Laser hardening involves the selective heating of the base material. The process is independent of the product’s size, and the depth of the hardened surface can be managed with extreme precision.

Additive manufacturing (AM)

Additive manufacturing (AM) is an increasingly popular technology, and it is one that lasers are very well suited to. With the help of an additive in the form of a powder or wire, structures can be built without the need for cutting-based processing.


Laser cutting is now a standard industrial process. Some of the benefits include: High cutting speed, very fine-cut surfaces, high tolerances, and low energy consumption.


No design limitations, no post-processing requirements, a high level of accuracy, easy to automate, and environmentally friendly.

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