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The Permanova FPS measures the focus position in the X-,Y-, and Z- coordinates. It also serves as a nozzle-centering monitor for cutting nozzles. Use the FPS to centre the beam, measure the beam position, adjust your robot TCP and get back to work! Make a stop at the FPS every now and then, to verify that the beam and the tool stay in shape.


• Finds focus position in X, Y and Z within ± 0.05 mm (repeatability)
• Finds beam angle to camera plane within ± 0.1º (repeatability)
• Measurement cycle typically 3 - 5 seconds
• Easy to install and use
• Use as a status check of the tool r egularly
• Align the nozzle in r eal-time using the power beam
• Quick re-adjustment of the TCP after a tool change
• Connects to your network

Manual Mode

In manual mode, the FPS presents a live image of the nozzle and beam. It is also possible to take a snapshot of the picture of the beam, and, if present, the cutting nozzle. This is very useful
for beam to nozzle centring. It is also possible to use the image to manually measure the position of a press wheel or a wire tip.

Laser Automatic Mode

Automatic Mode

In automatic mode, the FPS scans through the beam waist, taking pictures in many planes around the expected focus position. The laser beam, a cutting nozzle, may be detected separately or simultaneously.
The sharpness of the beam (and nozzle) is calculated for each picture. The X, Y and Z positions are then found by advanced curve fitting. This way a very reliable position is found. The angle of
the beam relative to the camera plane is also calculated. All values are measured relative to the camera in the sensor. Absolute measurements are possible through reference points on the front of the sensor unit.

Laser industry FPS Coordinate system

Control Software

The analyzing software runs on a fanless PC (Windows 7). For each measurement cycle, the best picture is stored, and values are presented on the monitor and through the chosen communication
interface. It is also possible to store complete measurement sequences.The FPS may be connected to a factory network, to allow central access of values from multiple FPS units in the factory. This may be used for trend monitoring and maintenance planning, as well as quick references when a fault occurs in any of the laser cells.

FPS Coordinate system

The measurements relate to the sensor unit. The coordinate system origin is 30,8 mm outside the unit, please refer to drawing below. Normally relative measurements are sufficient to detect any changes in robot or laser tools to prevent downtime of a laser system. For absolute measurements, the FPS has to be calibrated to an external coordinate system. This can be done via three reference points on the front of the sensor unit.

FPS technical data