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Permanova works with all major manufacturers of industrial robots, and we can incorporate their products in our installations.

We provide the robot with a suitable hose and cabling package depending on the application. Usually, a panel of air and process gas valves controlled by way of a distributed interface (bus I/O) is fitted on the upper arm of the robot. Our experience of laser robot installations has given us vital knowledge of how cabling, and primarily optical fibres, should be mounted onto the robot in order to achieve the highest possible operational reliability and the least possible stoppages for servicing. Six-axis industrial robots are incredibly flexible and allow 3D machining in the full sense of the word. However, the robot is not the best solution when highly accurate paths need to be followed.

For highly accurate cutting, a linear axis system is probably the best solution. However, thanks to developments improving the path accuracy of robots, it is sufficient for most welding applications. The repetition accuracy in a given position is incredibly high for robots (<± 0.1 mm). This means that for smaller cuts, the robot can be used to position an XY movement for an accurate cut in the position the robot has set.