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The FocusMonitor FMW+ is specially designed for analyzing continuous irradiation, even at high beam powers. This universal tool for high-power radiation is the compact version of the proven, globally successful FocusMonitor FM+ with new electronics and an absorber for powers up to 1000 W. With the compact FocusMonitor FMW+, you will know the quality of the laser beam in your processing system and reliably determine the geometric dimensions of the focused laser beam as well as the focal point location in space, the beam parameter product and the beam quality factor M².



The FocusMonitor FMW+ is a mechanically scanning measuring system for measuring focused laser beams with diameters between 100 μm and 3 mm in tight spaces. Unlike the FocusMonitor FM+, the FMW+ does not have its own z-axis. You will therefore have to use the z-axis of the laser system to take caustic measurements.

The device can be used to measure NIR as well as CO2 beams up to 1,000 W laser power. All you need to do is exchange the measuring tip and the corresponding detector. With a maximum size of 8 x 8 mm, the measurement window can be gauged with a resolution of up to 1024 x 1024 pixels.


With the new diagnostics tool LaserDiagnosticsSoftware (LDS), the FocusMonitor FMW+ offers considerably more functionality than ever before. In addition to faster data communication via Ethernet, it also enables the semi-automatic or manual measurement of the beam distribution as well as the determination of the beam position and beam dimensions.


Changing the detector and the measuring tip is easy and can be done by the user in just a few minutes. The full FocusMonitor FMW+ system set includes the main device as well as two detectors, two measuring tips, and a practical transport box as well as other accessories.

  • Measurement set for NIR beams
    • Detector DFIG-PS+
      For measuring NIR lasers, including photo diode with electrically variable sensitivity, wavelength range 1-1.7 μm
    • Measuring tip FocusMonitor NIR high div
      For measuring high-power solid-state lasers with adjusted sensitivity, damage threshold up to 10 MW/cm2 (7500 1/min and He inert gas)
  • Measurement set for CO2 beams
    • Detector DFC+
      With passive infrared detector for measuring CO2 lasers, wavelength range 9 – 12 μm
    • Measuring tip FocusMonitor CO2 high power
      For measuring high-power CO2 lasers with adjusted sensitivity, damage threshold up to 30 MW/cm2 (7500 1/min and He inert gas)