The EC-PowerMonitor (Electronically Calibrated) not only measures beam power in the process zone, but also offers a built-in self-testing function. This enables the functionality and accuracy of the measuring device to be checked at any time.

The EC-PowerMonitor is aimed at laser manufacturers and also users for use as a working standard. In addition, production with laser beams can be calibrated across different works and locations, thus guaranteeing a uniform measurement standard.


Self test

A heating cartridge heats the cooling water and the electrically delivered heating power is determined calorimetrically. This reading is compared with that of the electrical power consumed by the heating cartridge. In addition, the EC-PowerMonitor has high-precision measuring systems for the current draw and operating voltage of the heating cartridge.

The EC-PowerMonitor satisfies the most rigorous demands of industrial practice:

  • It is a state-of-the-art power meter which can be used as a system/frame of reference
  • Long-term stability from robust construction and the use of a flow rate sensor without movable parts
  • Accuracy and reproducibility from the use of high-quality sensors and components
  • Reliable operation in harsh operating environment from robust and stable construction
  • Redundancy of measurement results from integrated self-testing function


The EC-PowerMonitor measures the beam power of continuous wave lasers with simultaneous internal referencing through the heating cartridge used.


  • Fiber adapter for direct measurement of laser beams out of the fiber for many standard systems: LLK-B, LLK-D, QBH
  • Mounting for attaching a FocusMonitor
  • SPS interface for connection to a system or laser controller