The RADICLE project aims to create a multi-sensor, real-time adaptive control system for laser welding that can deliver zero defects.

The global market for laser systems for materials processing exceeds $10 billion per annum1. The macro materials processing market accounts for around $1.5 billion of this total and the laser welding segment accounts for $317 million in 2013 with an annual growth rate of 5%.
The report identified the key growth sectors for laser welding to be:

  • Automotive - 165,000 new cars produced every day.
  • Aerospace – airlines will buy more than 36,000 planes in the next 20 years.
  • Energy/power – wind power capacity alone increased by 35/5 GW in 2013.
  • Medical – the market for stents exceeds $5 billion
  • Agricultural equipment – 6.8% increase per year through 2016.
  • Fabricated metal parts – over $2 trillion per annum.



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Anna Wallner | 2018-01-21